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The academy follows a broad and balanced curriculum. On each subject page, there is a detailed overview of the schemes of work for each subject, for each year.

In Year 7 and 8, students are offered a wide range of subjects and are predominately taught in sets based on their prior attainment. Year 8 students choose their options in December, and are offered a GCSE pathway based on their prior attainment.

In Year 9, the students begin their GCSE courses and the curriculum is banded to offer a varied choice of subjects. As well as out core offer,  all students study Combined or Triple Science and History or Geography.

There are three further choices from: French and German, for those taking the EBACC pathway; other high quality GCSES in Art, Business Studies, Ceramics, Drama, Dance, Music, Religious Education, Product Design and Computer Science; or carefully selected vocational options such as Hospitality and Catering, IT, Sport, Business Studies or Health and Social Care.

A small group of students are offered a fully personalised curriculum, where they take additional literacy and numeracy lessons, focus on emotional and social skills, and take core GCSE qualifications to prepare them for adult life.

More information about our Year 12 and 13 Curriculum can be found in our Sixth Form pages.