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School Homework

In order to support and stretch pupils learning, teachers will set homework for pupils to complete. Homework is shared at the start of the lesson and we expect pupils to make appropriate notes in their planners.

Realistic deadlines will be given and we encourage pupils to speak with their class teacher if there are any issues regarding understanding what the homework entails or if there is an issue with the deadline being met.

Key Stage 3 – Year 7 & 8

In core subjects, maths, English and science, your child should expect homework at least once a week. In most cases, the work set should take pupils 30-45 minutes to complete.In history, geography, MFL and technology, pupils receive a piece of homework at least once a fortnight. Again, 30-45 minutes would be the expected to be spent on the task to produce a quality piece of work.All other subjects will set regular homework at appropriate times. Homework tasks might involve and extended piece of work each half term.

Key Stage 4 – Year 9, 10 & 11

All subjects will look to set regular homework on a weekly basis. In most cases pupil’s would be expected to spend 45-60 minutes on each piece of work.

Key Stage 5 – Year 12 & 13

For each hour spent in lessons, students should be spending at least the equivalent time on homework or independent study outside of lesson time. This could be completed during study periods or at home.


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