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In Year Admissions

Non-Routine (In-Year) Admissions 

It sometimes happens that a child needs to change school other than at the “normal” time; such admissions are known as non-routine or in-year admissions.  Any application for a school place on or after the first day of the academic term will be considered as an in-year application.  Any application for another age group will also be considered as an in-year application. 

Moving to a new school is an important step for all children. It can affect children in many ways and decisions by parents to change school should therefore always be carefully considered. There are instances where a change of school is essential i.e. for families who have moved into or relocated within Lancashire. In situations where a school move is not essential all parents are strongly urged to carefully consider the implications for their child. Changing schools is a big event for any child and should not be undertaken without first talking to the headteacher at your child’s current school to try to resolve any problems. 

What should I consider? 

Some of the things which you must think about if you are considering a change of school for your child for convenience rather than necessity are:- 

  • Curriculum – this is especially important for secondary aged children, and particularly for those in Years 9, 10 or 11.  A new school may not necessarily be able to exactly match a child’s existing curriculum commitments. 
  • Achievement – on average statistics show that school moves lower examination results. 
  • Behaviour – it can be helpful for a child who is presenting challenging behaviour to move to a new school.  However this is normally only where the behaviour is linked to the existing school. If strategies to assist a child have already been put in place these can be disrupted by a school move. This can lead to further difficulties.  It is usually better for the child if the family work with the existing school to help to address and resolve any difficulties. 
  • Where a school move is a strategy to address challenging behaviour there is often a requirement for the child to be on the roll of both schools for an interim period. If the change of schools is not successful the child would be expected to remain on roll and attend the original school. 
  • Peer Group / Friends – if there are difficulties consider if these would be resolved by a school move? There could be similar issues, even in a new school. Again it is often better to work with the existing school to address matters. Moving a child away from an established peer group may adversely affect achievement. 
  • Timing – a change of schools during the school year can disrupt a child’s education if they are already in the middle of a specific piece of coursework. 
  • Uniform – schools set their own uniform requirements and Lancashire does not generally provide financial assistance with uniform costs. 
  • Transport – schools set their own start and finish times. You need to consider the implication of these on your child and in relation to your personal day to day schedule. 


If you are considering moving your child to Morecambe Bay Academy, and would like to commence an application with us, email the ‘In Year Admissions’ form in the link below to admissions@morecambebayacademy.co.uk or send to Morecambe Bay Academy Dallam Avenue Morecambe Lancashire LA4 5BG. 

Please complete and submit one form for each of your children. This will provide us with the general information we require to commence the process. At this point, please provide as much information as you can by utilising the boxes that permit extended writing.   

In Year Admission Form 

Once submitted, we will contact you to discuss next steps.  



The school’s admission appeals are supported by Lancashire County Council. If the Governing body cannot offer a school place, parents have the right to make an appeal. 

This appeal should be submitted using the link below within twenty days of refusal of admission. The appeal provides you with an opportunity to explain why you wish to register your child at our school. The appeal forms and advice on how to complete them is available on the Lancashire County Council website: 


Lancashire County Council will contact you in respect of your appeal application and inform you of the arrangements. The outcome of the appeal will be notified to you in writing. 

The decision of the Independent Appeal Panel is binding to all parties, ie the family and the school. 

Please note that this right of appeal against the Governors’ decision does not prevent you from making an appeal in respect of any other school.