Year 11

Hello, I am Mrs Gribbin, Head of Year 11.


A farewell from Mrs Gribbin…



I am truly sad that Year 11 did not end in a way

That provided you all with the usual special day:

A leavers’ assembly with ALL of you there,

Or the big Prom night and excuse for fab make-up and hair.


I miss you all popping into the office for a quick hello,

And being played Ed Sheeran on the school piano.

I miss the emails from staff boasting about your hard work,

And even being asked to rearrange a detention with a cheeky smirk.

I miss chats on the field, and dodging the football on the 3G,

And our Friday assemblies when all 235 of you I got to see.


I hope to see you all at a ‘socially distanced’ results day!

Please don’t let the current climate get in the way

Of anything you had planned for a future that is bright

Because with hard work and focus it is all still in sight.


I will always be proud of you, Class of 2020


Stay safe

Be happy

Always be kind

And remember my favourite word- Resilience!


Mrs Gribbin


TBC soon – A collection date for Leaver’s hoodies and a new Prom date