Year 11

Hello, I am Miss Dixon and I am Miss Wolstenholme and we are joint Heads of Year 11.


Our role as Head of Year is to support and guide pupils through year 11 so that they have a fulfilling and well-rounded experience of school life.

A team of form tutors also support the year 11 pupils further to ensure your child has a happy and safe experience in the academy. They meet with the pupils each day to support and monitor them academically as well as socially and to encourage them to be involved in the school community and take on new opportunities and challenges to develop themselves as resilient, hardworking, and caring young people. We also work closely with Mrs Whitaker, our attendance officer, to monitor attendance and to ensure pupils are punctual to school on a daily basis.

As a close knit working team we endeavour to support your child in the best way we can and will make every effort to engage with you to ensure your child is supported in their development through their school life.

We endeavour to promote the pupils success both inside and out of the classroom. I am extremely proud of all of all pupils within the year group and their continued efforts whilst they represent the academy through their academic achievements, music, sport and all other interests the pupils have.

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