Morecambe Bay Academy have subscribed to GCSE Pod which is an online study platform and is the perfect resource to help your child learn, retain and recall all the information they need to achieve their GCSE goals.

GCSE Pod can help to reinforce and consolidate key GCSE topics covered in lessons, It is full of resources that pupils can easily access on their personal devices, It can help to motivate them to revise particular subjects and plan their revision schedule.

Below is some information to help with getting started. Guidance has also been given to pupils this week in form time.

By starting now and building their revision habits, your child has every chance of achieving their potential.

Parent Toolkit

GCSE Pod Quick Start Guide

GCSE Pod Student Assembly

What can you to to support your child

Logging into GCSE Pod

Finding the right Pods

How to build playlists

Using Check & Challenge

Using Learning Activities

Monitoring your child’s usage

Pod Study List