Update on Reopening

Dear Parents and Carers,

You will no doubt be aware of the statement from the Local Authority just yesterday evening advising schools not to open on 1 June and to await further guidance. The issues addressed in the statement related largely to primary schools.

As far as secondary schools are concerned, the Government had advised us on Monday 25th that we should now open to year 10 and year 12 for some face-to-face learning on the 15th June at the earliest. The instructions given were very precise and stated that no more than a quarter of the year group should be present. Each school has carried out a rigorous risk assessment in line with Government guidance and is consulting on this at present.

What this means for your child will be sent to you individually after half term.

We expect further guidance in the coming weeks as the situation around the virus and related issues changes and we will obviously act on that advice. In the meantime we continue to prepare the school for re-opening so that we will be ready, when it is possible, to welcome our young people back.

We are continuing to provide for the increasing number of children of key workers and vulnerable children who have been attending daily for the last 10 weeks.

Yours sincerely

V. Michael